Determining Optimum Pyrolysis Conditions for Biochar to be used as Metallurgical Coal Replacement

Congratulations to the team at The University of Lincoln who have been succesful securing funding to Determine Optimum Pyrolysis Condition for Biochar to be used as Metallurgical Coal Replacement.

This is in support of deep decarbonisation of large UK industrial emitters based within the Humber cluster.

This project is part of the next wave of research announced by The Industrial Decarbonisation Research and Innovation Centre (IDRIC).

Lapwing Energy will be working closely with British Steel, CATCH UK and IDRIC to support The University of Lincoln delivering this project.

The steel sector is a core pillar of the modern economy, but over the last decade it has been facing increased environmental and climate pressure to lower its carbon footprint while remaining economically competitive.

Decarbonising this sector is challenging but key for achieving climate goals since the sector is currently responsible for about 8% of global final energy demand and 7% of energy sector CO2 emissions