Reverse Coal delivers a wave of policy objectives

To hit Net Zero, carbon emissions from every sector of the UK economy need to be abated and carbon sequestration implemented to remove both past and difficult to remove emissions whilst protecting our precious natural environment.

Net Zero Strategy

Reverse Coal provides a globally leading BECCS solution creating a 1Mln tonnes/year emissions contribution to net zero that yields bioenergy and carbon storage while improving UK food security.

Rewetting Peat

Our Lapwing project at commercial scale delivers the UK governments target of 35,000 ha restored in England while complementing the aims of the DEFRA natural capital grant scheme. There is scope to replicate this commercial scale model multiple times around the UK.

Biodiversity Net Gain

Paludiculture activities, which both raise water tables and harvest the biomass, can support wetland conservation sites and nature reserves, as cost-effective management options for biomass removal.

Flood risk mitigation & water balancing

Peatland restoration acts as a natural flood management technique by reducing the rate at which stormwater moves into river channels.

Food Strategy

The Dutch Glasshouse model we have identified offers a tested and proven large-scale food production solution that can significantly reduce total UK food imports, in-line with the Dimbleby report.

Food Security

The development of CEA and in particular high-tech glasshouses in food production provides opportunities to focus on import substitutions, providing increased resilience and self-sufficiency and mitigate against the impact of climate change, supply chain disruptors and other stresses on our UK food system.

Jobs & Investment

The regional multiplier in supply chain etc is circa 5x giving over 5,500 jobs directly and indirectly once implemented

Water Purification

Diverting water from the Rivers Idle & Torne through the paludiculture to act as a bio filter cleaning the river. Cleaning out the nitrates from the aquifer would provide a very strong co-benefit and support river ecosystems and create a safer environment for the general public
Reverse Coal directly supports the UN sustainable Development Goals to achieve a better more sustainable future for all. We are working closely with local stakeholders to identify solutions that support community growth as well as provide wider benefits for the planet.